Next Generation Ministry

Youth Ministry
Weekly Activities
                         *Worship Service is Sunday at 9:00am*
                        *Belong Groups are on Sunday at 10:30am*
                           7th & 8th grade Girls…Claudia Edwards
               9-12 grade Girls…Teresa Grigg & Amanda Wampler
                       Youth Boys…Adam Goddard & Sam Schrum
Wednesday at 6:15pm during the summer with our Home Group Series. On Wednesday nights, we seek to make an IMPACT on students in our communities by introducing them to Jesus in a way that is geared toward them as well as by giving them a place to WORSHIP and BELONG. We want to use Wednesdays to train students to be living on mission with Jesus, sending them out to make an IMPACT on their peers, families, friends, and communities. This summer, we are having a Home Group Series; doing youth at church members’ homes. Our goal is to get to know each other better and invite our friends to join the group!

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