OCC needs your help!  We are in REAL need of the following items:
Toys, toys, toys that fit into a shoebox (all ages and genders)
Combs and hair items for girls
Adult toothbrushes
Flashlights and batteries
School supplies
(Please, no more soap and washcloths.)
OCC has raised the shipping fee to $9. 
While this is a minimal increase per box (the 
first in 10 years), it really adds to the total when 300+ boxes are to be shipped. Anymonetary donations will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you so much.  Karen Shipman
We proudly support Operation Christmas Child here at Harmony. This year we are filling boxes a little bit differently. We are collecting specific items each month and then we’ll pack the boxes before its time to send them off. For each box we send, it is recommended that we send $9.00 to help with the shipping and processing. If you feel led to give financially please mark your check or envelope “OCC” or “Operation Christmas Child.” Here is the list of monthly items to bring.

Please keep in mind all items must fit in a standard-sized shoe box; no liquids or gels that could spill or chocolate or hard candy; no war-themed toys.

January:          Wash cloths and Soap (bars only-Ivory preferred)

February:        Toothbrushes, lip balm, dental floss, small pkg. of tissues
March:            Bandanas, baseball caps, stocking hats, gloves
April:             Small toys:  cars, yo-yos, kazoos, jump ropes, dolls, Hot Wheels, jewelry, small stuffed animals,       ………………….puzzles, mini play dough etc.

 May:            Craft items, coloring books, picture books, picture cards, Uno, Old Maid, etc.

 June:              Brushes or combs, hair clips and ties, head bands, bobby pins, rubber band bracelets

 July:            Socks, sunglasses, small flashlights and extra batteries

 August:           School supplies:  crayons, pencils, pens, small notebooks, markers, pencil sharpeners,       …………………..scissors, water colors, stickers, rulers, solar calculators etc.

 September:     Donations to ship shoe boxes  ($9.00 per box recommended)

 October:       Girls underwear, small sewing and tool kits, fishing items (lures, fishing lines, hooks, sinkers), rain …………………..ponchos, extras

 November:      Packing party month


NOTE:         The items in bold print are the things we try to make sure each child receives in their box


Donations toward shipping may be made each month.  Mark on your check or envelope “OCC Shipping.”  Suggested donation is $9.00 per box. 

Boxes are designated by gender and by age before sent. The age brackets are 2-4 years old, 5-9 years old, 10-14 years old.

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