Harmony Baptist Church believes that God has called every church to fulfill the Great Commission. That means we are committed to personally take the Gospel to our community and the world. While we cannot personally go to every corner of the earth we seek to spread the Gospel through partnerships and personal involvement to reach as many with the good news of Christ as we can. As Southern Baptists we support missionaries through the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. We have an annual On Mission Celebration in August highlighting our various missions and mission partnerships. In additional to various community missions we have also been recently involved in the following mission trips:
Mission Texas
Harmony Baptist Church entered a formal mission partnership with Templo Siloe in San Carlos Texas in August 2015. We had made two previous mission trips to Templo Siloe and felt God leading us to  formalize a three year mission partnership with this precious and spirit filled Hispanic congregation. Our purpose is to help TS grow spiritually and numerically through evangelism projects, church development and leadership training, benevolent opportunities, and facility improvement. We are also working with TS to plant another church or two in their area. We send mission teams to San Carlos at least twice each year. 
Jeremiah Project
At various times we have teams go to Guatemala to work with the Jeremiah Project. Please see the Jeremiah tab for more info.