Live Like That!

Acts 4:13. “When they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and discovered that they were uneducated and ordinary men, they were amazed and recognized these men had been with Jesus.”

At Harmony Baptist Church our Women’s Ministry Focus is to Live like that! We are encouraging ladies that no matter how “ordinary” or “uneducated” we think we are, that we should live in such a way that when people see us that they recognize that we have been with Jesus. I WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT!

We are excited to offer bible studies, local mission opportunities, retreats, love, and support to all women in our area. Please join us in the exciting adventures of fun and fellowship as we grow together to grow God’s kingdom. If you would like more information please fill out the women’s ministry I WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT form at the welcome center or see Renee Fesperman.