Thinking about visiting Harmony? We would love to meet you!


Where is the church?

Our church is located just south of Highway 60 on MO-125. Click here for a map! If you are coming from Hwy 60 you will get to the Education Building first. The Worship Center is the second building located behind the Education Building. Follow the driveways to get to the Worship Center pictured above.

Where do I go? The answer to this is a little tricky! If you are coming directly to worship then head on over to the Worship Center  If you want to get to know others in the church then check out a BELONG class. The general idea for BELONG groups is that the 55+ year old classes are in the Worship Center and all the others are in the Education Building. BELONG is for all ages at 10:30am.

Where do I park?

There are parking lots in front of each of our buildings.

What about my children?

BELONG GROUPS are available for all ages.  

For preschool children, the preschool area is directly down the main hall of the  Education  Building.
Elementary children, will head upstairs for BELONG in the Education Building.
Students from 7th – 12th grade meet in the youth room, upstairs in the Education Building.
During the worship service at 9:00am, children’s church is available for children ages 4 through 3rd grade in Classroom 1 in the Worship Center.
Our greeters are happy to lead you in the right direction! 


What can I expect?
We hope you find a friendly atmosphere that seeks to present the love of Christ. Greeters in both buildings will be waiting at the door with a bulletin and a smile. They are happy to help you find the right direction. We are a blended family of believers from various backgrounds and generations. 

What should I wear?

This one is completely up to you!  On any given Sunday at HBC you will see jeans and t-shirts but you will also see business casual wear.